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the snarky elephant 

*Attention: we are offering 20% off our application fee starting may 1st and ending may 31st in honor of aapi heritage month.


Our incubator program has a rolling application with a deadline every September for entrance into the next year's cohort.

We are looking for emerging creators in the film industry whose work embodies the principles of our mission. Creators should consider themselves actively looking for ways to expand their networks, grow creatively, and support to advance their projects. For creators with a single project in film or theater and/or their representing parties, please see our Pitch Portal. For further clarification, see our FAQ's page.


These benefits are subject to change based on availability and partnerships SEP maintains. 

Benefits include:

  • General:

    • A one (1) year, non-exclusive agreement with a production company with renewal possibilities

    • Pitch deck creation support plus a final practice pitch session to SEP Staff and/or network executives for feedback, etc.

    • Access to schedule sessions to discuss and learn basic information regarding:

      • Contract Development & Guidance

      • Structural Organizational Decisions

      • Legal Templates and Resources

  • Financial:

    • Special rates for equipment rentals and staffing (production, editing, etc)

    • An honorarium to recognize their acceptance into the cohort

    • Grant writing support with zero upfront cost

    • Connections (where possible) to private funders

  • Marketing:

    • A dedicated Creator page on our website which can be updated regularly and will include photo, bio, and portfolio (as provided by Creator)

    • Social media and newsletter promotion promoting our collaborative work

    • A dedicated marketing budget and possible direct-to-consumer advertisements or promotions valued at $5,000

  • Guidance:

    • Access to SEP staff during office hours for feedback, guidance, and to workshop future ideas creatively, logistically, financially, and strategically

    • Artistic and career guidance/coaching (for management, booking, etc)

  • Networking

    • Meetings with SEP’s advisory board members, which consist of established network executives, directors, producers, writers, and creatives

    • A network of current and former SEP creators to collaborate with


Each year, in an effort to provide additional exposure for select SEP Creators, SEP will also produce a short video interview with each creator. These interviews, which are offered in addition to the above benefits, provide SEP followers an introduction to these artists’ work, and give the creators extra materials to use when approaching managers, agents and networks about future opportunities.

For more information on previous cohorts, please view our dedicated page to learn more about the amazing creators we partner with! 


how to apply

The Snarky Elephant Incubator Application is proudly hosted on Decentralized Pictures (DCP), a democratic film fund co-founded by the Coppola family production company, American Zoetrope. 

Application Faq's

Question: How does Decentralized Picture's platform work?  Decentralized Pictures hosts 'Rounds' (our Incubator Application is one) and allows applicants to submit their 'Proposal' to be reviewed and voted on by the Decentralized Pictures film community.  The community votes on each proposal according to the criteria Snarky Elephant assigned, as seen in our FAQ's. ​​ Snarky Elephant takes the top 10% of applications for a final selection made by Snarky Elephant's Advisory Board.

Question: What are FILMCredits?  FILMCredits is a DCP-only digital currency used to reward the DCP film community users for engaging in the voting process. Participating in FILMCredits and the blockchain is voluntary. You do not need to participate in FILMCredits or the larger blockchain network to submit your proposal. ​ When you pay Snarky Elephant's application fee, it is presented in FILMCredits. DCP will do the automatic conversion for you.  Snarky Elephant's Application Fee in US Dollars is:  $25 for the deadline of September 15th  $35 for the very late deadline of October 1st

Question: What are the deadlines? Deadline: Septermber 15th Very Late Deadline: October 1st If you submit your application after the October 1st deadline, we will consider you for next year. We encourage you to submit at least one month prior to 10/1 to give ample time for DCP to vote.

Question: What are the Snarky Elephant Application Fees? $25 for September 15th Deadline $35 for the Very Late Deadline, October 1st *We charge these nominal fees to Snarky Elephant can continue to provide invaluable services to it's creators. However, we also recognize that creators can experience great financial challenges as they seek to develop their projects and/or careers. In light of this, we are offering to wave our fees for this who fit this category. Please reach out to and we will discuss this with you.

Question: What are the eligibility criteria? Snarky Elephant seeks to be as inclusive as possible. Our eligibility criteria are below: • You must identify with an underrepresented group(s), perspective, and/or community and have projects that showcase rarely-seen issues/ideas/themes/identities • We consider any film project at any stage, any genre, and any length for inclusion into the incubator. We are open to art-house, indie, and entertainment films.

Question: What is the decision-making process? The Incubator is divided between two rounds. The first round is a open round of voting from the DCP film community. The second round is a private round in which determinations are made by the Snarky Elephant Advisory Board. Round 1: After considerations close on 10/1, members of DCP vote until 10/15. Round 2: 10/15 - 11/15 The top 10% of candidates are selected to be reviewed by SEP’s Advisory Board, which includes one interview. Successful candidates will be notified in December of each year.

Question: I have questions specific to DCP and the DCP application process. Once you make an account on DCP, you can refer to the DCP Academy, located in the drop down menu from your profile photo. DCP Academy provides guidance and answer for questions specific to DCP. If you are still unsure, you can reach out to us at and we are happy to answer.

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