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shravya kag

Shravya Kag is a photo and video documentarian, whose pursuit of vivid and compassionate story-telling has taken her from her home of Vijayawada, India to Brooklyn, New York. With an analytical mind and an eye for detail, Kag is patient in her craft and dedicated to the communities she works with. She treats the camera as an extension of herself, a channel through which her subjects can share their stories and be treated with care. 


Shravya first picked up the camera while studying engineering in 2007. Over the years, she has connected with communities across the Atlantic who have trusted her to preserve their culture through long-form multimedia projects. Presently, she is working on two projects, “Life Along the 7 Line,” a short-form project documenting the impact of COVID-19 in Queens and “Queer South Asians,” a long-form capturing the stories of intersectional individuals around the globe. 


As a queer person of color, Shravya navigates the terrain of human relationship by sharing mutual curiosity with her subjects. She invites conversation and interpretation. She allows time to take its course in intimately learning her craft and how to translate a story genuinely. She is heavily influenced by the work of authors Svetlana Alexievich and Arundathi Roy. 


Shravya’s work has been internationally commended and exhibited at various locations such as Somerset House London, Photoville and Art Space NYC and featured in publications like Vogue India and NY Times. She holds her Masters in Photography from the School of Visual Arts.

Shravya Kag
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