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Who do I reach out to with questions? 

You can always reach out to with any questions you may have. Our staff is small, so please be patient with us. 

I have a project! Should I submit to the Pitch Portal or the Incubator Program?

The Pitch Portal and Incubator Program are designed for different needs. Please see below to best determine which to apply to: 

  • Incubator Program 

    • Supports emerging, underrepresented creators through the support of their project(s) and careers. Creators and their projects should fit our mission statement. Please see our benefits list for details regarding specific opportunities and benefits to creators. 

    • We are looking for creators whose whole body of work and background involves underrepresented perspectives, identities, and/or communities. We want to support the totality of a creator and, therefore, consider every aspect of their artistic vision. 

    • Our Incubator is designed to work individually with creators, accommodating their unique careers, trajectory, interests, and vision. 

    • Projects submitted for inclusion into the incubator can be at any stage. 

  • Pitch Portal

    • Our Pitch Portal is for single projects in theater or film of any length or genre AND that fit our mission statement to support content that captures overlooked perspectives, identities, and/or communities. Unlike the Incubator Program, our Pitch Portal supports a single project from a creator and/or team and does not support the careers of applicants. 

    • We offer benefits to single projects that include grant-making, access to our network of top executives and creatives, pitch deck support, creative development support, and more. 

    • Creators and/or representing parties should present at least a bio and summary of their project. Further information is not required, but appreciated to get the best sense of your vision. 

    • Projects should be at a point at which they are ready to engage in late stage development or are any further stage of production. 

No matter what, these programs are creator-centric and SEP will always work to support what is best for you and your vision. Projects accepted into the Pitch Portal and all projects included in our Incubator Program are eligible for SEP Special Access, a unique network catered to executives, producers, and other entertainment professionals across the industry. 

Can I apply with more than one project to the Incubator Program or Pitch Portal? 

  • The Incubator Program can accommodate one or more projects from a creator as long as the project(s) fit our mission statement. With this in mind, we advise you to mention all projects you want to be included in the program in your application so we can best understand how you will engage with the Incubator. While we welcome applications with more than one project, please note that you are not more competitive if you do so.

  • The Pitch Portal may potentially take on multiple projects that include the same creator and/or team. To apply with more than one project, please submit a new application for each one.


Who determines entrance into the Incubator Program and what are they looking for? 

Our Advisory Board carefully considers every single application received and votes according to a given criterion. 

  • Our Criteria 

    • Creativity of projects and demonstration of artistic skill. 

    • Fit with the Snarky Elephant's values, mission, and outlook. 

    • Clear and organized in the expression of their idea(s). 

    • Ability and scope of creator and project(s) for growth. 


Are there any deadlines for the Pitch Portal or Incubator Program?

  • Our Pitch Portal has no deadlines. The pitch application is rolling and determinations are made when submissions are received. If you have not heard from us within 6 weeks, please reach out

  • Incubator Program Deadlines:

    • Deadline: August 15th

    • Very Late Deadline: September 1st

    • Our application is always open and can be applied to at any time of year. However, we do not usually consider applications submitted for the next year's cohort after our deadline of August 15th or our very late deadline of September 1st. If you apply after this time, you will be considered for the year after. Decisions are reached in October of the application year. 

Can I apply with my projects to both the Incubator Program and Pitch Portal? 

If you would like to apply to both programs, you may. However, the programs are designed for different needs. Our Pitch Portal is for individual projects, while our Incubator program is for creators. If you apply to our Pitch Portal, you must present a project that is in late-stage development (nearing production) or further. 

I would like to add some materials/context/updates to my application for the Pitch Portal/Incubator Program. Can I do that? 

Yes! We understand that projects can have sudden changes, advancements, or simply be different from the time of submission and we welcome you to reach out to us in those cases. 

  • If applying to our Incubator Program, you should reach out with updates prior to our deliberation period in early November. All additional updates will be added to your application if notified prior to our deliberation period.  

  • If applying to our Pitch Portal, please reach out with your updates/new materials. 

If I was unsuccessful can I reapply to the Incubator Program or the Pitch Portal? 


  • Our Incubator Program is happy to reconsider creators from any previous year. We believe that creators show their growth and ambition in a variety of ways and we understand that creators rarely present development in a linear fashion. We advise you to indicate how you have advanced your submitted projects, your career, and/or your skills creatively or otherwise. If you submit new projects for consideration, please indicate how these projects reflect your development in any of these areas.

  • By design, our Pitch Portal's application process is very flexible. If several of your projects were previously declined, we would recommend that you submit new projects with careful consideration to our mission statement. 

Does Snarky Elephant offer other opportunities

Snarky Elephant is continuing to grow and will be announcing future opportunities as we do so. To keep up to date, please subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, or say hello!

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