Creator application

The Snarky Elephant 2022 Creator Application is currently open! Applications are due by 11:59PM, September 15th of each year, with late applications being accepted until 11:59PM, October 1st. All applications must be submitted with their appropriate application fees (see bottom of the page for more details). 


We are looking for emerging creatives in the film industry whose work embodies the principles of our mission.

Each year the Creative Advisory Board (CAB) chooses 3-5 Creators from the applicant pool to be added to SEP’s portfolio of creators. Artists selected by the CAB receive a number of benefits to assist them in their careers and develop new work, acting much like a creative film incubator.

These benefits are subject to change based on availability and partnerships SEP maintains. 

Benefits include:

  • General:

    • A one (1) year, non-exclusive agreement with a production company with renewal possibilities

    • Pitch deck creation support plus a final practice pitch session to SEP Staff and/or network executives for feedback, etc.

    • Access to schedule sessions to discuss and learn basic information regarding:

      • Contract Development & Guidance

      • Structural Organizational Decisions

      • Legal Templates and Resources

  • Financial:

    • Special rates for equipment rentals and staffing (production, editing, etc)

    • An honorarium to recognize their acceptance into the cohort

    • Grant writing support with zero upfront cost

    • Connections (where possible) to private funders

  • Marketing:

    • A dedicated Creator page on our website which can be updated regularly and will include photo, bio, and portfolio (as provided by Creator)

    • Social media and newsletter promotion promoting our collaborative work

    • A dedicated marketing budget and possible direct-to-consumer advertisements or promotions valued at $5,000

  • Guidance:

    • Access to SEP staff during office hours for feedback, guidance, and to workshop future ideas creatively, logistically, financially, and strategically

    • Artistic and career guidance/coaching (for management, booking, etc)

  • Networking

    • Meetings with SEP’s advisory board members, which consist of established network executives, directors, producers, writers, and creatives

    • A network of current and former SEP creators to collaborate with


Each year, in an effort to provide additional exposure for select SEP Creators, SEP will also produce a short video interview with each creator. These interviews, which are offered in addition to the above benefits, provide SEP followers an introduction to these artists’ work, and give the creators extra materials to use when approaching managers, agents and networks about future opportunities.

Should you be interested in any of the aforementioned benefits, please contact

*Application Fee: We charge a nominal fee of $25 to submit an application and $35 for those submitting for our late deadline of Oct 1st.. We do this to ensure we can continue to provide unique and valuable services to our creators. At Snarky Elephant, we understand that film and television visionaries often experience great financial challenges as they are trying to develop their work and careers. In light of this, we are offering to waive our fee for those who fit this category.


Please reach out to if this applies to you and our team is happy to discuss this with you.