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We produce emotionally rich visual content that explores the under-represented human experience. Through scripted and unscripted content, we champion emerging creators whose identities inspire them to defy societal barriers and shift established standards. Our intention is to change company cultures, the entertainment industry, and larger global sensitivities with darkly amusing, inventive stories that chronicle the complexities of human spirit.


Above all, we are creators. We make visual content that is adventurous, funny, real, unique, beautiful, powerful, and seismic. We believe in creating work that captures the under-represented human experience and explores perspectives rarely seen in the film industry.


We believe in doing more for under-represented groups. We know how hard it can be to feel seen and heard by an industry that doesn't understand you. For this reason, we make visual content that truly explores new identities and perspectives. We also create workshops that seek out emerging creators to help them write and pitch in the industry. 


We will always empower the creator whose work explores under-represented identities and challenges our industry to see new perspectives. We work with creators to empower them to tell their stories through creating visual content, workshops, and other opportunities.  

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