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What is Special Access?

Special Access is Snarky Elephant's (SEP) exclusive, one-of-a-kind film network and project database for those invested in impactful storytelling. This carefully cultivated, high-quality network allows members to support, join, and collaborate on premier projects. Members include producers, directors, agents, indepedent investors, grantmakers, and executives in both indie and mainstream.  


Projects in Special Access are verified by Snarky Elephant's team and board of high-level talent and industry movers and shakers including those who have experience at but are not limited to Lionsgate, Netflix, Sundance, MRC, and Pushkin. 

how do i join?

Special Access is open to professionals in the film industry and investors/alternative funders with an interest in film and media. To join, request access and the Snarky Elephant team will review the request. If the Request Access form does not describe you or you would like to introduce yourself before requesting, please reach out and we will be glad to answer. 


Snarky Elephant has a minimum 48-hour review period at which point SEP will reach out with approvals. Please note, membership is granted at Snarky Elephant's sole discretion. 

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