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ryan travis chu

Ryan Chu is a 1st generation Taiwanese-American living in a diverse suburban city in Orange County, CA. He was inspired by live-action movies such as District 9 & Sicario and animated works such as Babar & Rupert to tell deep, reckless adventures and ludicrous fables with philosophical twists. 


Utilizing a cherished childhood character of a hydrophobic sea otter for Ryan’s first animated film, "Deep Fears" went on to appeal to a wide audience from children to animation fans. The film won more than 120 accolades and official selections from the Los Angeles Animation Festival to the Taiwanese American Film Festival. 


Aside from his creative works, Ryan devotes his time to learning more about his Taiwanese and Asian-American heritage by visiting AAPI museums and checking out local resources in SoCal. Ryan hopes to contribute to the rising representation of Asian-Americans in entertainment with his current project, "Trouble in Little Asia". The project has earned the Onward Grant from the 212 Creative Network for its goals of representing POC and other minority groups and earned a Semi-Finalist placement from Screencraft's Virtual Pitch Competition. 

Ryan Chu
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